Hi there, my name is

David Novak.

I'm a frontend developer


About me

Hello! My name is David and I enjoy creating beautiful interfaces for the end user.

My journey in the world of Web development started ~ in 2012 when I started attending university. I found it fascinating how my first projects took off and users liked them. I was hooked - I loved the idea of countless users interacting with what I've created.

After graduation, my career path has been diverse - marketing agency, freelance projects, and digital studio. However, for the past 4+ years, I'm fighting for the frontend and pushing pixels around at Vacuumlabs.


My expertise

  • > React / Next.js
  • > JavaScript / TypeScript
  • > HTML
  • > CSS / SCSS / Tailwind
  • > UI & UX

I've started with basic HTML & CSS. Fast forward a few projects and I've found myself writing JS - either be it vanilla, jQuery (for those who remember) or React.

Nowadays my expertise lies in React & TypeScript. They suit my style of work and I love the versatility of the ecosystem. I'm always eager to try new technologies and different approaches to challenging problems.

My primary focus is frontend - which entails not only building interesting & cohesive User Interfaces but I also strive to achieve the best User Experience.

reach out

Let's talk

You can find me on the social network for developers - LinkedIn. If you're interested in my journey in more detail my LinkedIn page should give you what you're looking for.

If you prefer something more personal you can still reach out via email (david@davidnovak.sk).